Austin-based golf professional Mike Marak has developed a brilliantly common-sense approach to golf for players of all levels. Now he has compiled his unique approach into a new, fully illustrated book!

Through years of playing (and teaching) various sporting activities, Mike has created a new, common-ground vocabulary that acknowledges the similarities between golf and other sports. His book dispels many of the myths of golf, answers frequently asked questions, provides drills, demystifies the mental game (and physical solutions), offers many eye-opening quotes, and also discusses a wide range of situational shots.

Highly recommended! Endorsed by Tinsley Penick (son of the great master golf teacher, Harvey Penick), among others.

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Mike knows that there is not one swing that fits all — and that with all the misinformation out in the golf world there is much confusion among those trying to master the game. Starting with the basic concept that simplicity is a good idea, Mike has developed his theories, philosophies, and methods based on each individual player’s unique capacity for mental and physical growth. This is not a typical golf instructional book. Relax… It’s Only Golf offers plain talk and straightforward solutions to enhance the golf experience for students at all levels of skill and experience.

Students return to Mike and sing his praises to other golfers because their game and understanding of their golf swing continues to improve. Mike gets the results his students are looking for.

Tinsley Penick
Retired PGA professional
Son of legendary golf pro Harvey Penick

Every time I go to the practice range and see Mike teaching a golfer, I take the time to walk over and tell the pupil, “Listen to this man. You are about to learn and improve so much!”

J. Raymond Schiflett, III
Austin, Texas

I am beginning my 5th year of golf at the age of 57. I began my quest by taking 10 lessons at one of those technical golf places that concentrates on your degree of shoulder turn and hip rotation, etc. All well and good but I didn’t really learn anything. One hour with Mike and I learned more about executing the right shot for me, hitting the ball longer and straighter than I ever have. Mike’s “common sense” approach works. RELAX!

Paco L.
Austin, Texas

As a long-time hacker, I knew I had to learn some common-sense fundamentals before I could fully enjoy the game. Luckily I found Mike Marak and his book. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to be hitting straighter and farther with half the effort. Of course I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me, but, thanks to Mike, I now have a much better sense of what to work on when I’m on the range or playing a game.

Peter M.
Austin, Texas

I had taken several clinics and golf lessons from other pros, but with Mike’s clinics i seemed to get more out of the 3 clinics I went to than all of the others I had been to. He just seems to, as if by magic, figure out what the problem is and explain how to fix it. Thanks Mike!!

Bryan P.
Austin, Texas

Mike gives nothing but common sense advice and keeps it simple. He pumps me up and gives me the confidence I need to be successful at the highest levels of amateur golf. I think you will find this book to be loaded with common sense suggestions that will help you with your game.

Beth Cleckler Manager, Morris Williams Golf Course
Austin, Texas